• It's time to discover the world

    and live it your way.



  • everything is connected.

    In essence, I believe that everything is connected. What we do, how we act and feel comes from the same place within. When we take a step back and sit still for a moment I believe
    there is a path, time and solution for everything and everyone.


    strategy consulting


    Missing the knowledge or expertise is often not the problem. However, having the time to take a step back, to look outside your daily operations and putting it all together often is. I can help you with that needed extra mind, perspective & time to outline and bring out what's already within. Providing you with a clear, structured and practical roadmap of where your company desires to go. Helping you make the right decisions and present your story to the board.



    career coaching


    There can be times when you don't know if you are sailing in the right direction or whether you are on the right boat. I can help you find your inner compass and tackle challenges in your career. This can be a challenge within the current job you love and want to further grow in. Or a challenge in finding a new job: one in the same direction or one in a new field that fits you so much better. With practical and holistic tools you will be ready for your next step!

    life coaching


    Sometimes we get a little out of balance, some way some how. The good news is that it's You that can bring you back 'on track'. Back to your pure & true self. You can still your mind, increase awareness and reconnect with your heart. Life coaching is practical and both spiritual and down-to-earth. It's like a toolbox where we pick those tools that support you the best. Giving you specific techniques and tips you yourself can apply to your daily routine and life.

    human design


    We are all unique but still, we try to adjust and fit into predefined boxes. Human Design is all about letting go of who you think you must become, or should be. It's about realizing and especially relaxing into who you truly are. You don’t need to fix things and you are not lost. Human Design is a tool that gives you permission to be completely you. In a session, we unravel your core essence and provide you with practical insights that help to let your life flow more natural.

  • strategy consulting

    The core of my work is to support and provide your company with strategic focus and the right building blocks to sustainably move towards the direction and solution of your question/challenge. In essence, this can be any question, but most of my work focuses on: business plans / growth and marketing strategies / organisational design / market studies and commercial due diligence.


    Clients are o.a. PE & Investment Companies, Museums and Cultural institutions.


    My strength is helping you structure your thoughts, ideas, and processes into a clear, logic, integrated plan & presentation.

  • career coaching

    Together we work on revealing your true motivation, wishes and capabilities in your career. This can be focused on a new job change or the desired change within your current job. Through different exercises and reflection & feedback loops, you will have a clear understanding of:

    • where you currently stand and want to move towards
    • who you essentially are in a business environment 
    • which environments bring out the best in you
    • how to tackle specific challenges on the job / in your team

    Private costs per session €100,-

    Business costs per session €145,- (ex btw)


  • life coaching

    When you have a life(style) question I work with a holistic approach, blending different kinds of techniques, such as cognitive belief systems, meditation, human design, reiki, and Chinese & ayurvedic medicine. To help increase vitality, clarity & peace of mind and awareness. To tackle stress, anxiety, pain, negative patterns, depression and support big life transitions. In a couple of sessions, we get to the root of your situation and work towards a sustainable solution. One that truly fits your daily life and supports you on all levels.


    Private costs per session €100,-

    Business costs per session €145,- (ex btw)

  • human design

    Human design is a tool that brings together the principles of astrology, I Ching, Kabbalah, and chakra system. Your chart shows you a blueprint of how you/your energy operates within you and in relation with others and your environment. How you are ‘wired’ in this life. In a session, we will go into the details of your chart and how you can incorporate this into your daily life. Human Design is all about experimenting with it daily. You will learn how to navigate relationships, how to work more optimally and make choices that really support you. It opens up your internal conversation and thereby confidence and magnetism. Meaning, the more you live you, the more you will encounter and attract the things that truly suit you.


    Costs per session (1 1/2 hour) €150,-


  • a little about me.


    My working life started as a strategy consultant at Roland Berger Strategy Consultants. There I learned essential skills to help companies realize sustainable growth and higher company value. Uncovering, hand-in-hand with the client, the greatest potential of a company. As a freelance consultant I like to combine strategy consulting with my passion for the Arts & Culture. A place where I believe a part of the Corporate way of thinking can contribute in necessary growth, whilst maintaining a creative mind. Bringing entrepreneurship to this beautiful, inspiring and so important field. At Heidrick & Struggles I gained experience in making a valuable connection between a company's capability needs and people skills and motivation. Here I realized my strength and interest in career coaching, where my consulting and executive search experience blend together.


    Born and raised in Amsterdam, lived as a kid in Australia and brought up with a mix of British & Dutch habits. I've always been interested in a wide variety of things and like to have a holistic perspective. I don't believe in one way or one truth. There is a time and path for everyone and everything, you just need to find the one that serves you the best. In order for you to live your life, your truth. May it be in business, arts, sports or family. Finding a way to really 'Just be You'. I find it most in books, music, theatre, film, meditation and dreams....


    We want to make the most of all we do and excel in all aspects of life. A great career, a rich and fulfilling social and family life. We are 24/7 connected and available for everybody and everything. No surprise we sometimes completely overflow and 'loose' ourselves. Without consciously knowing (or wanting to know) we cross the line and tip over. Walking along a very thin line myself, I tried several tools to find peace of mind and realize a healthy lifestyle, without completely letting go of all I was doing. Moving from one yoga lesson a week to completing a yoga teacher, yoga therapy, dream, massage and reiki training. Giving me a broad spectrum of tools to tackle challenges in life and make my daily life more balanced. Making me aware of my body, mind & soul. Now, I trust that all is already within us, and our self-healing and self-steering capacity is immense. Something we carry with us, always!


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